Sunday, October 1, 2017

Poor pitiful Marcus

Marcus with hand-foot-mouth disease 
Marcus has a coxsackievirus infection. It causes this terrible rash in and around his mouth and on his arms and legs. Also on his bottom unfortunately. He's a trouper...but I know he is miserable. The virus is super contagious among kids, so the daycare is probably headed for major outbreak. I expect James will also get it any day now. My kids had it when they were toddlers, when we were living in Germantown, MD. The entire neighborhood came down with it. It's fairly a chicken pox will run it's course. Not much you can do about it but wait it out. In the meantime though you have one sad little baby. I feel so bad for him. And his parents! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Great American Eclipse

What can I say other than AWESOME!

I spent Saturday night at John and Penny's home in Hope Mills. Penny made me a dairy-free birthday cake which was completely delicious. Oh, BTW, did not count any weight watchers points this weekend...Sunday we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC and spent the night at the SeaCrest Hotel. Very nice room, beach front. The weather was perfect. Monday morning we did a thorough weather check. Taumi had a friend of his at NOAA run a cloud cover forecast program. Traveling with a NASA scientist definitely has its perks. Clouds/rain predicted on the coast, so we headed inland. Ended up in Santee. The sky miraculously cleared during the eclipse. It was an amazing sight. Definitely worth the trip. Getting home was a bit of a pain. Traffic was horrendous. Thank the good Lord and baby Jesus for GPS. We were zigzagging all through the backwoods of SC until we got to Lumberton. This was definitely the best birthday celebration I ever had.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Happy Birthday to me...again

My birthday was officially a week ago. I took the whole week off from work to celebrate. Then this weekend, I joined my brother at his friend's home in Hope Mills in preparation to head down to SC for the eclipse. John and Penny surprised me with a birthday cake (dairy free) and Taumi made a photo album of pictures of mom and dad. It was beyond sweet. What a great guy. I spent the night in John and Penny's brand new camping trailer, which BTW is much nicer than my house. I also got to hear a lot of stories about my brother's wild days in high school and college. Quite a revelation.

Friday, May 5, 2017

More Family Pix

Mal, JA, Lila with David, Jon and Me

JA eating something

JT thinks something is funny

Monday, April 24, 2017

the Accidental Gardener

BCBSNC gardeners
I love that I work for a company that actively encourages community service. Several of us from the Medical Policy/Medical Review departments went to the Geer Street Learning Garden in Durham on April 20 to help out with the spring plantings. The garden is located on a vacant lot near downtown. The food grown there is given to the local food pantry. It's a transition neighborhood with lots of great stuff going on. The Back Pack Buddies have a space across the street as well as TROSA. Both of them are awesome programs. We prepared 2 beds for planting and mulched another bed. It was hard work-I am not accustomed to physical labor-but it was very rewarding. The weather was cool and cloudy in the morning...perfect for me. I don't do well with hot and sunny. The full-time ladies at the garden were incredible. It is so encouraging to learn that there are a lot of good people out there doing good work. My opinion of humanity has improved.